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    Painel 2000 S.A. Chooses Bradbury Group - PuMa for Garage Door Sandwich Panel Line

    Written by: Matt Werner on 08/07/2016 16:50:51 PM

    Painel 2000 S.A. chose Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. as supplier for their new line for sectional garage doors sandwich panels.

    We are proud to announce that, in order to widen their product range of sectional garage doors panels, Painel 2000 chose BG-PuMa as supplier for their new Continuous Line.

    The line consisited of decoiling stations, front and back skin rollformers, wet foam system, pressure conveyor and flying saw.

    For more infomration on Painel 2000 and their complete product range visit

    We thank Painel 2000 and its technical staff for the renewed trust.

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